Amigurumi brown squirrel with a ring for your keys

We always loved crocheting little animals like this one. We used to make all kind of species: ladybirds, pigs, penguins, turtles… but in recent times we hadn’t done anymore.

It’s time to come back!



Look at this funny squirrel with a ring to put your keys in.

This amigurumi is handmade using brown acrylic yarn and it has a foam filling.



Squirrel: 3 x 1,5 inches
Ring: 0,9 inches in diameter


Buy this key-ring on Etsy:


2 thoughts on “Amigurumi brown squirrel with a ring for your keys

  1. Hola Elia, muy pronto publicaremos en el blog nuevos llaveros en amigurumi. Podrás ver más animalitos, coches, casitas, flores, vamos, de todo un poco… Permanece atenta al blog.


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