Who are Silayaya

Thank you for visiting Silayaya’s blog!

We are a group of four spanish girls who love making fashion accesories. We try to express all our creativity through our bags, pouches, scarves, … and we take care of every detail, so that they will be really unique. We all learned crochet technique from our grandma (we are sisters and cousins), and we try to make everything as carefully as she would… but a bit more modern!!

Since we were children we enjoyed making dresses for our dolls, hairbands, or whatever… But we always did them our own way.
Now it’s time to show all our creative work. Thanks to this blog you’ll see what we are doing: a purse, a pair of earrings, or maybe altering a garment. And by having a look on our products you’ll get to know us better.

We hope you like our selection, and will be pleased to hear any comment or answer from you. Enjoy!

las manos de Silayaya / Silayaya's hands

Éstas son las manos creativas y creadoras de Silayaya.

What we do

The most important things about our work are creativity and fun.
We enjoy desinging purses, dolls, scarves, key rings, brooches, earrings…

All our products are HANDMADE and, except some key rings, UNIQUE ACCESSORIES.
We love imagining a purse and creating it, but we only do it once!

We mainly do crocheting but we use many other techniques (embroidery, patchwork, beading..) as long as they work with our design.