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Silayaya’s kelly bag in Telva magazine

The 50th anniversary special number of Telva magazine featured us.


Here you have the cover.
portada 50 telva
As you already know , Silayaya girls are part of the great Belaba family. This is the project of our friend Begoña Lagarón, a great fashion professional. At its center , located in the center of Valencia, she works as a fashion teacher (personal shopper, image consultant , makeup … ) and creativity (crafts, do it yourself …). In addition, the center serves as promotion for several groups of young designers, we among them…
Well,that’s how we got the opportunity to appear in a publication as important as Telva. Begoña granted an interview about her project , and did not hesitate to surround himself with her staff , once again counting Silayaya between them.
And so our beloved crochet tribute to Kelly bag became famous! and we love to see its picture there!
Look at this picture from Silayaya’s Instagram.
silayaya telva instagram
We are really happy! Thank you so much, Belaba and Telva.

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