Tutorial How to crochet a flower

Today we want to teach you how to make a crochet flower.

Few days ago we customizing a pair of flat shoes with a crochet flower. We promised to learn you to make these flowers, and here is the tutorial.

Follow the pictures or look at the diagram to learn the way you can crochet the flower. Nevertheless, you have a longer explanation in simple words.



We used n. 5 cotton yarn and and crochet hook 5. It has three rounds.
Round 1. Chain 150

Round 2. Single crochet

Round 3. Starting the waves. Each wave has: 1 single crochet, 2 half double crochet (in the same hole), 2 double crochet (in the same hole), 2 half double crochet (in the same hole), 2 single crochet (in the same hole) and start the following wave with 1 single crochet.


Compose the flower with pins and sew the flower on the back part. Start sewing in the centre.


It’s easy, isn’t it? We encorage you to crochet, you will enjoy it!
If you prefer buy us a flower, please contact with us us.


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