Never stop dreaming

We all have a motto (or more than one) that we love.


Why not taking it wherever you go? This is what we had in mind when we did this bag. It reads “nunca dejes de soñar”, Spanish for “never stop dreaming”. Isn´t it beautiful? It is a very wise piece of advice that we got from our grandma.

Guess you what is the meaning of the first and the last pictures in this post…
A birthday gift with our favourite words and the wall in some teenager’s room where their mother allowed them to write on it.

Which phrase would you like to take everywhere with you?

Please leave a comment and let us know, we will love to find which phrases are the most inspiring for all those who read us!


* Never stop dreaming bag by Silayaya on sale on Etsy.


4 thoughts on “Never stop dreaming

  1. La mía es: Hazlo o no lo hagas, pero no lo intentes. Supongo que sabéis de dónde es.
    Molaría que lo pusieráis en una funda de Iphone porque a mi estos bolsos no me van mucho, jajaja!

  2. Uffff… Hay muchísimas (una para cada bolso, y ya se sabe que nunca se tienen demasiados bolsos). Desde hace muchos muchos años una frase de una canción de PIRATAS: “No hay gravedad capaz de atarme al suelo, no dudes qué me acordaré de levantarme luego…”
    Se necesitaría un bolso grande, ehhhh!


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