My first Warhol or Pop Art in crochet

Today we start a project where we are going to talk about Art styles with a touch of crochet.

The first one is POP ART. This art movement emerged in 1950s as a reaction to abstract expressionism, and uses imagery from popular culture such as advertising, news, etc. Artists such as Jasper Johns, Roy Lichtenstein, Andy Warhol and Eduardo Arroyo or “Equipo Crónica” in Spain, were the most importart names in this style.

The picture you can see below this text is an interpretation of the series that Andy Warhol made. He painted popular objects and famous people using bright colours.
Probably you remember Marilyn Monroe’s or Campbell soup’s series.

We have done something similar with this picture. One of our most popular products is the crochet car, and we have changed its colour in every picture, to create a series as Marilyn’s one.

If you want to buy a crochet car you will do it on or Etsy. And you can choose the colour, of course!


And now… another picture. In this case we ourselves have joined the Pop Art movement.

Hope you like it. ENJOY SUMMER 2013!

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