Flounced scarf

We have created a new model of crochet scarf.


It has a flounced shape hand-crocheted with acrylic yarn. It’s 70 x 3 inches approx.


We have made them in different colors. Look this one in pink and fuchsia:



You can buy it on Etsy here.



Here you have other one in shades of green.

Buy it here. This scarf was sold on Etsy. Please, contact us to order other one.




And in shades of brown.

If you like it, buy it here.




So, do you like our new model of scarf?


2 thoughts on “Flounced scarf

  1. Hola Arelly,
    no podemos facilitarte ningún patrón porque nosotras no los utilizamos.
    Pero si sabes hacer ganchillo fíjate en las fotos y por intuición seguro que sacas algo parecido.

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