Olimpic spirit in a white messenger purse

We thought about Olimpic Games when we were making this messenger purse.

Enjoy its different olimpic rings in red, green, blue, yellow and orange.



This purse is hand crocheted using white cotton yarn. Then it’s decorated with aplique using the same yarn in five colors.



It’s lined with white fabric, and it closes with a white zipper too. You can put all you want in it: it sizes 7,5 x 7 inches and 28 inches is the height of the handle.





2 thoughts on “Olimpic spirit in a white messenger purse

  1. este bolso es chulisimo, parece pequeño y comodo de llevar, en color blanquito que pega con todo y el detalle de los colores que le da un toque veraniego muy cool…. bien hecho!!!!! me encanta!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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