Making a four strands braid

Learn how to braid using 4 strands while you are seeing the way I repaired a black purse.




I received a black hobo purse as a birthday gift some months ago. I altered it making a new long strap. Now it’s a messenger bag.

But in a few days I realised a steam near the zip was broken. I had to mend this bag.



I thought It was a good idea to make a four strand braid to repair the tear. I could give a special look too.

Now I want to show you how can you make a braid using four strands.
You’ll see it’s very easy.






1. Firstly we have four ribbons.


2. We start taking the ribbon on the right.


3. You must weave it under and over and under the other three strands. Always start under, it’s very important.


4 and 4 zoom. Here you have a diagram where you can see the way to do it.


5. We have the first ribbon in its place.
Take the new right-most strand and do exactly the same thing.


6. Look at the process.


7 and 8. Now you can see the second and the third ribbon in a new diagram.


9. You must straighten the braid. It always goes to the left.


10. Braid is being created.


11. You must try to tighten the ribbons.


12. And this is the four strands braid.


13. It’s similar to a normal braid.




When my braid was long enough I sewed it on the bag covering the steam.


And this is the result. A messenger with a four stands braid in the stap and next to the zip.
My new purse is more beautiful now!





PD. A picture is worth a thousand words.



4 thoughts on “Making a four strands braid

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  2. hola me gusto tu tutorial.

    yo tengo un par de bolsas de marca nine west que estan un poco dañadas de la correa o algo raspadas con el uso, me podrias dar ideas de como forrarlas o arreglarlas ya q no las quiero tirar

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