The crochet alien mom

So you were wondering how a crochetted alien mom would look like?

Silayaya loves taking challenges, and we couldn´t say no to this one.


This amigurumi was created some time ago into a new design project by the bloggerSarai Llamas. Hers is a blog about motherhood with lots of sense of humor.
She asked us to give shape to her blog’s slogan: “I am a mother. And you, which superpowers do you have?”.

And we made this crochet alien mom.
Talking about this supermother… Alien moms may be purple, but they still LOVE their children and take them everywhere. Of course, they need a spaceship for taking them to school, but that´s life in the space!

Read the post about the crochet alien mom on El blog de Sarai Llamas. (Only in Spanish).
And if you like it you can buy this unique mother on Etsy .

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