Electric blue is dead. Long live klein blue!

Follow the fashion is not only to know what is trendy, you have to know what correct name it has (now).


Now we are presenting you some blue earrings. But, which blue are they?
Marine blue, turquoise blue, sky blue, cobalt blue…
You used to call them electric blue but now this name is demodé, you must say klein blue.


Klein blue is a trendy color.
If you go shopping you’ll find out lots of troursers, shirts, scarves, rings in klein blue. But if you are looking for a pair of klein blue crocheted earrings, stop now. Silayaya made them for you, and besides, they are a unique piece.


Each one have three klein blue spirals. They are handmade crocheted using acrylic yarn.
It sizes 2 inches long (aprox).


And remember, you’ll get other pair of crocheted earrings totally free with any purchase in our shop!
You just have to tell us which ones you want in your purchase order. Follow this link to see the earrings:






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